Our proposal

Barcelona is an attractive city full of surprises
Are you visiting Barcelona? Want to know Mediterranean life style?

Our offer is to go a little deeper into the lifestyle of Barcelona, through a unique experience in Barcelona: We opened our home to you and offer our fresh market cuisine with a Spanish wine tasting option. This is a unique emotional experience and entering into a house for 3 hours to eat dinner, talk and learn a little more of our local culture. The interaction that may arise enhances understanding between cultures. Comedorclandestino began as an underground dining experience in our apartment in Barcelona. Friends entertaining other friends, with a passion for good food & good wine.
The idea is born with the aim of sharing our passion for Mediterranean cuisine with people who appreciate an alternative dining experience. This is not a menu of 2 dishes plus dessert and coffee. It is much more emotional. 4-5 proposals to go and taste the different aspects of Barcelona's cuisine, influenced by the proposals of our most famous chefs. For a donation that covers the cost of the event, you get to enjoy a meal that you will not likely see in any restaurant and definitely remember for a long time. And it all happens in a private and exclusive setting surrounded by your friends… and your friend’s friends.

How to make a reservation?

  • e-mail: comedorclandestino@gmail.com
  • Phone: (34) 616918251

To make a booking, please write an e-mail to the Comedor Clandestino comedorclandestino@gmail.com, stating your preferred date and number of visitors.  You can also make your reservation by calling the following number (34) 616 91 82 51.
In a short space of time (24 hours) will receive our booking confirmation.

Also remember to let us know of any allergies or food intolerances, so That we can create the perfect meal for you!

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